Monday, November 25, 2013

Mistake continued 12

The summers came and went. The economy grew. Every body had bigger, fancier possessions. It got harder and harder to find a car without air conditioning. The boys were growing. As sometimes happens, trouble came and there was a divorce. I moved away from the small town. Still not using air conditioning even in the cars I owned.
When I moved, I started working for myself. As I needed workers, I would hire people for that job and then move on. On one job I hired two men to help, and told them when and where to meet me. It was in the heat of summer and outside, so I put on my medium weight shirt and a hat to go to work. When they came up, they were wearing short pants and a tank 
top. As we went to work they pulled off their tops. After a few hours work we took a break. We went to a small store a few blocks away. They wanted to go in one of their trucks because mine did not have air conditioning and theirs did. I rode with them. I nearly froze to death with the wet shirt in air conditioning. After I got my snack, I had to wait for them outside because I was so cold.

The seasons kept changing. I was getting older. Then it happened! I made that drastic mistake. It was late July and I had been working hard for long hours. After all the great experiences in and because of the heat, I did it anyway. Oh (alas?), I turned on the air conditioning. The rationalization about not using air conditioning was because deep down inside of me; I knew what would happen. I don’t want to go outside! I want to be cool! Driving down the road on a nice day in the spring or fall, I have the windows up and the air conditioning on! I make sure everywhere I go is air conditioned! MY LIFE IS ORGANIZED AROUND AIR CONDITIONING! What have I done? What have I done?

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