Friday, January 24, 2014

No Spare Tire continued

 I crawled under the truck with the jack. As soon as I was under it, I saw two pair of feet walk by, one big pair, and one smell pair. I backed out from under the truck to see what was going on. Standing there were a man and a boy. The man's name was Smiley. He owned Smiley's Tire Service in my home town. Smiley specialized in road service for tires. He was in his work truck with his son going to visit a friend when he saw my truck broken down. He had all the equipment needed to take my tire off the truck and rim. Smiley also had one tire on his truck. It just happened to be the right size. He took the ruined tire off, put the other one on, telling me I owed him $25.00. I gave him $30.00 and got his business car which I still have.

We left and I went on to complete the job I had originally set out to do. I ran the tire on my truck for about 20,000 miles.

After that event, every time I needed a tire for my truck I learned more. If I went to a tire store in the morning, they would tell me to come back in the afternoon. If I went in the afternoon I was told to come back the next day. Every store I went to it was the same story. No one stocked that size tire, but Smiley had one on his truck.

The time came when I needed road service again an having his business card, I tried to call Smiley's Tire Service. There was no such business.

I guess some people would call all of this coincidence, but I cannot call it so. To me it was a miracle. The more I reach my hand out to my fellow man in service, the more events of this nature happen in my life.

This event took place in 1987. I wrote this December 1, 1994.

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