Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Spare Tire

Have you ever been part of a miracle? Well, listen, because you are about to hear a true story of a miracle in which I was a participant.

Having gone through a harrowing experience at my first auction buying a work truck a few weeks prior to this event (which still amazes me), I was hustling work to try to recoup my investment. A little work here, a little work there, I was barely getting by. A job that would last about one day was offered to me. It would take around a hour to drive there. I was taking whatever work I could get, so sure, I was ready.

I met the lady I was to work for, found out were we were going, and started following her to the work site. We were approximately thirty minutes out of town on an interstate highway when a rear tire on my truck blew out. I drove far enough off the road to make sure the traffic would not hit me. This truck I had bought had no spare tire or jack. Also, being a work truck the tires were large and a new one was going to be expensive. Figuring a new tire would cost $150.00 or so, plus the charge for bringing it to me and mounting it; I checked my money. My disposable income was the $60.00 I had in my pocket. Among the tools I had loaded on the truck was a fifty ton house jack that was not adjustable, making it improbable that it would work as a truck jack. I sat there not knowing what to do. This was an impossible situation. Then a thought came, “You've got to do something.” I got the house jack out thinking that I might hitch hike into town if I could get the wheel off. That would save the price of a service call. The $60.00 might buy something that would work.

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