Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Marvelous Night

A Marvelous Night

February 20, 2015

What a marvelous night this has been. After a day of what was for me hard work (being a fat old man) a thunder storm came. At first there was a low steady rumble of thunder; then a flash of lighting. I had to be closer. Under the carport I sat in a comfortably soft chair and listened to the light rain. The breeze was moving from one direction to another and it felt cool as it brushed my skin. The trees sang as the wind blew through the leaves and branches. The dark sky was occasionally accent by a blaze of lighting. No others sounds, just a great display by nature. I had forgotten what it was like living in a very small town.

As a few drops of the rain rode the wind to my cheek, I wanted to take a walk. I am quite foolish at times. But when electricity is flashing, I do not walk in the rain.

True deep love is very similar to the feeling I have tonight; joy through and through. Maybe that's why I feel this way. I love this world and everything in it.

The velvet touch of eternity envelopes me and I exalt.
By Kent Lambert