Saturday, March 1, 2014


By Kent Lambert

The dream of life,
The total sound of the coming Dawn.

The Dawn of mystic travel,
The Dawn.

Away and down the abyss of time forever. . .
Ever. . .
Ever. . .

The Dawn of eternal love,
The Dawn.

We mount the task,
As if a whore.
( Joy unfold! )
Civilization beckons,
Barbarians behold!

The Dawn of cosmic unity,
The Dawn.

Time of fruition,
Time of soul,
Listen body,
To the untold.

Travel. . . .
Through the oneness of eternity.
Feel. . .
We shall make it, death and maternity.

Beware the pitfalls coming down (I aim to please),
Destroy our energy,
Destroy our soul,
Destroy the time with a godless tease.

Come, I feel fine,
Time is yours,
Time is mine,
Time to make love,
Time to shine,
Time to do whatever’s on your mind.
The Dawn is here,
The thoughts of old,
The energies of our soul.

We’re on the same team
The threshold of a dream.

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