Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thoughts 8

Chapter 2

Thoughts 8

In the first chapter I have tried to show nothing can be truly understood by the human intellect. We see in parts. I guess that means that anything I have to say from this point on is presumptuous of me, so here I go.

Hopefully I have made reasonably clear how we use reference frames to try to understand with our intellect. It appears to me that we use more complicated frames of reference trying to function in our modern society. The frames have to encompass many things, but it can never comprehend the society as a whole. The individual's societal frames of reference are shaped by family (genetics, tier of society, location, etc.), the mores of the particular society (culture), and the physical makeup of the individual. There are probably more than the ones I just named, but where I want to go with this it doesn't matter.

As a young man I played high school football. I wasn't very good at it, but I was out there. When the coach would yell at me or us about something done wrong, it would just reaffirm how I felt deep inside of me; I could not do anything right. Why try? Some, maybe all my team mates, were motivated to try harder. (Years later I talked with a good friend who had been on the team. It motivated him.) A long time after I talked with him, through observation and loving to learn, I realized that part of my reaction to the coach was hard wired into my brain through genetics. Having not studied the physical structure of the brain I cannot say for sure, but I would think that there is a difference in each persons brain structure. I am pre-wired to react in a general way to certain general situations. Not truly knowing, it seems to me that my physical makeup interacts with my environment to help me create the reality I live in; the way I experience everything.

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