Monday, May 19, 2014

Thoughts 11

Thoughts 11

An individual has different encounters with life, human and non-human, and non-life, so their perceptions are in flux. Still the position from which they perceive stays the same.

The second direction of perception is the awareness of things without life. This is an exaggerated example, seeing things for the first time. It is quite possible that a person with this direction of perception will acquire things, but they could have a fascination with one thing or more and start to study it/them. Each person is different so there are many ways for it to manifest.

A third direction of perception is how a person relates to things. How the things that are acquired or studied are in relations with the person. Where the person with the second direction of perception would look in wonder at something other than himself, the person with the third direction of perception would look and see if the something would be useful to him.

 The fourth direction of perception is the interwoven relations of other people and things. He is looking to see where or how he fits.

A fifth direction of perception is how he interacts with other people and things. This individual looks at things, people, situations, etc. and sees himself as part of a complicated environment. This is a part of his reality, so he would be likely to put himself in the position among the other parts that he wanted to be.

I have been trying to use examples to show the point in which a person puts himself but they all sound material. They are actually all mental. 

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