Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thoughts 17

Thoughts 17

Last week I spoke of living inside the planet Earth and set up a 

mental frame of reference for consciousness. Since then I looked up 
some definitions of consciousness and found that most of them use

some form of the word awareness.

Human consciousness comes from thoughts and instincts. At least

 to the best of my understanding. Thoughts and instincts are the 

reference frame for the non-material brain. But as explained earlier 

there are no thoughts without the physical brain. As of today my understanding is, the energy that is used in the brain comes from the sun. Some could come from the movement of the Earth, the molten core, whatever it is that we call gravity from other celestial bodies and/or energy sources we do not know are there.

The material part of our consciousness (brain) comes from 

Earth. We are a part of the Earth.

The material of Earth can be traced to the element factories of star cores, but right now all I need to have before you is that our bodies come from the materials of Earth.

Earlier I mentioned we divide (setup standards) to understand. We 

can study the different parts of the human body (organs, genes, 

elements from the Earth) and not see the humanity. Let's take a 

different mental reference frame; Earth. We divide the Earth into 

reference frames by setting up standards. One of those standards is 

the individual human. We study ourselves. Let's not divide the 
Earth, but look at it as a unit; a whole. Let's study Earth as we would study ourselves.

Earth matured just as we are supposed to do. It was barren, then life 

and primitive consciousness. As time passed stronger 

consciousnesses developed up to the human consciousness. Maybe 

consciousness will go beyond where we are today.

Astrophysicists tell us that just as humans have accidents, Earth has accidents. When a meteoroid survives the Earth's atmosphere and strikes the solid part of Earth thus becoming a meteorite, the Earth has had an accident. It leaves an impression in rock, dirt or whatever it hits, just as some human accidents can leave a scar.

Again, astrophysicists tell us that Earth had an accident that would be similar to a human losing a foot, hand or the equivalent. It happened when a large material object, possibly another planet, hit Earth and a huge section split off and became the moon.

If Earth can have accidents like humans, can it get sick like humans? If we setup the standards of friendly to life and unfriendly to life for Earth sores, then the arctic, antarctic and all the other deserts probably would be comparable to human sores. Even though life is there, it is limited. Possibly the depths of the oceans and other areas would fit such a set of parameters.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thoughts 16

Thoughts 16

When I was young, people wrote that only humans had consciousness. I had dogs and all I had to do was look at the eyes of my dog as things happened. A dogs eyes are very expressive. Dogs have consciousness. There was and still is no doubt in my mind about dogs. I wondered what consciousness was. Was it awareness? Dogs were sure aware of different circumstances. Some plants move their leaves and/or flowers to catch more direct sun; is that consciousness? It clearly is awareness. I thought of  humans in a coma; are they aware or unaware?

If awareness is a sign of consciousness, no consciousness would be unawareness. That would define the standards for consciousness. The reference frame would be set. Plants and maybe, even one celled life would have a primitive consciousness. I may just be grandiose, but with my limited knowledge that probably puts humans with the most advance consciousness of the life forms we know.

In the 1990's or late 1980's there was a scientific probe sent to Jupiter. Jupiter is classed as a gas giant planet. The probe went until the pressure destroyed it. As I thought about it I realize that the probe had went into the planet. Later, that thought lead me to the understanding that we live inside Earth. We move through the atmosphere of Earth the same way that fish move through the water. The atmosphere is part of the planet.

Unlike rocky planets, which have a clearly defined difference between atmosphere and surface, gas giants do not have a well-defined surface; their atmospheres simply become gradually denser toward the core, perhaps with liquid or liquid-like states in between.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thoughts 15

Thoughts 15

Last week I brought up the reference frame of good and evil and tried to cover evil. That leaves good. For me good is when someone helps to ease another one's pain, or absorbs pain and does not pass it on.

There are many ways to help another relieve their pain. One way is as simple as listening as they tell their troubles. Volunteer work for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc. I just have to make myself available and it always works out. The opportunity shows itself.

No matter what my motivations are to make myself available, I am doing good. It has been my experience that if I can forget myself and be truly concerned for the other person, then I receive a non-material (spiritual, emotional, psychological) uplifting that is very fulfilling.

To absorb pain and not pass it on is harder. To ease pain all I have to do is make myself available, but to soak-up pain without passing I need an outlet for it. When someone needs to talk and I listen, I ease pain without taking in any. When I have pain inside and talk to another about it, my pain is eased and they have a chance to help to good by easing pain.

Starting from nothing to define good and evil the above is what I have devised. If anyone can find a different starting point than pain, it would stimulate new thought for me which I enjoy.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thoughts 14

Chapter 3

Thoughts 14

The chapter on directions of perception probably should have been written later. There are large numbers of things that are implicit in the chapter on mental frames of reference that should have been covered, some of which I will try to cover now.

One set of standards is good and evil. Over the centuries the law givers have defined what is evil. Sometimes there have been people who have tried to tell or show what is good. Religions and governments have evolved to define for us what is good and what is evil; religions through moral law and government through civil law. Both have been evil at times.

In an earlier post I talked about what we use to learn and stated that to the best of my knowledge we only use our intellect to learn, so we form reference frames. Starting from nothing in trying to know what is good or evil, the only thing I could think to base them on is pain. Physical pain is bad and if severe enough might be worse than emotional (spiritual, non-material) pain. There is a belief that through physical pain the material world can be transcended without dying. As for me, I do not think I will ever find out. I definitely do not like pain.

That being said I decided that for me the deliberate infliction of pain on anyone not receptive is pure evil. Because we all see the same thing differently, living in different realities, we cause pain without realizing it sometimes. The accidental creation of pain is still evil, but being made the way we are, unintentional pain is going to happen. The latter evil is in no way comparable with the former evil.

Pure evil would be something along the lines of thieves, killers, etc. White collar thieves are in a position to help many people and yet they create pain instead, so they are especially odious to me.

The ultimate example of governmental evil is the Nazis of which most people just use Hitler as the representative. Of course there were many people involved. It is said that there were fifty million people killed in World War II with 12 million murdered by Germans using techniques learned from industry. (Six million Jews, six million Gypsies, gays, Poles, plus the mentally and physically handicapped) Besides the Germans, the Italians and Japanese were aggressors. The Japanese murdered many hundreds of thousands maybe several million. (The word murder is being used here to make the between the killing on the front lines and all other killing.) What people from the Allied countries do not look at is the deliberate fire bombing of civilians instead of only bombing strategic targets by there country. Creating a fire storm was their strategy. It worked as far as killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. In Tokyo alone there were over two-hundred forty-thousand civilians burned to death by fire bombing. Other cities in Japan were fire bombed. The Allies also fire bombed cities in Germany. Put it all together and all governments involved in World War II were evil. All war is evil just sometimes when extra evil people control a government, it's necessary.

Germany burned people in the concentration camps. Religions have been know to burn people at times too.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thoughts 13

Thoughts 13

The tenth direction of perception is how can I apply my abilities to the interaction of people and things (society). How do I best fit.

The eleventh direction of perception is how do I best fulfill myself within the framework of the society that I am a part.

The twelfth direction of perception is viewing through the previous eleven; jumping around to ultimate confusion. This does not mean that the person is confused within his reality. He is more confusing to others.

This came to me in the mid 1970's while I was at work. Because I had very little time I jotted some notes. Being a Mississippi redneck I never had an occasion to use them, so I never got back to interpret the notes until now. Trying to untangle my thoughts has been mentally taxing. Just the little I have written above has me tired. Later, I may try to expand on each direction perception, but I have other things I want to post now.