Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thoughts 13

Thoughts 13

The tenth direction of perception is how can I apply my abilities to the interaction of people and things (society). How do I best fit.

The eleventh direction of perception is how do I best fulfill myself within the framework of the society that I am a part.

The twelfth direction of perception is viewing through the previous eleven; jumping around to ultimate confusion. This does not mean that the person is confused within his reality. He is more confusing to others.

This came to me in the mid 1970's while I was at work. Because I had very little time I jotted some notes. Being a Mississippi redneck I never had an occasion to use them, so I never got back to interpret the notes until now. Trying to untangle my thoughts has been mentally taxing. Just the little I have written above has me tired. Later, I may try to expand on each direction perception, but I have other things I want to post now.

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