Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thoughts 15

Thoughts 15

Last week I brought up the reference frame of good and evil and tried to cover evil. That leaves good. For me good is when someone helps to ease another one's pain, or absorbs pain and does not pass it on.

There are many ways to help another relieve their pain. One way is as simple as listening as they tell their troubles. Volunteer work for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc. I just have to make myself available and it always works out. The opportunity shows itself.

No matter what my motivations are to make myself available, I am doing good. It has been my experience that if I can forget myself and be truly concerned for the other person, then I receive a non-material (spiritual, emotional, psychological) uplifting that is very fulfilling.

To absorb pain and not pass it on is harder. To ease pain all I have to do is make myself available, but to soak-up pain without passing I need an outlet for it. When someone needs to talk and I listen, I ease pain without taking in any. When I have pain inside and talk to another about it, my pain is eased and they have a chance to help to good by easing pain.

Starting from nothing to define good and evil the above is what I have devised. If anyone can find a different starting point than pain, it would stimulate new thought for me which I enjoy.

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