Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thoughts 17

Thoughts 17

Last week I spoke of living inside the planet Earth and set up a 

mental frame of reference for consciousness. Since then I looked up 
some definitions of consciousness and found that most of them use

some form of the word awareness.

Human consciousness comes from thoughts and instincts. At least

 to the best of my understanding. Thoughts and instincts are the 

reference frame for the non-material brain. But as explained earlier 

there are no thoughts without the physical brain. As of today my understanding is, the energy that is used in the brain comes from the sun. Some could come from the movement of the Earth, the molten core, whatever it is that we call gravity from other celestial bodies and/or energy sources we do not know are there.

The material part of our consciousness (brain) comes from 

Earth. We are a part of the Earth.

The material of Earth can be traced to the element factories of star cores, but right now all I need to have before you is that our bodies come from the materials of Earth.

Earlier I mentioned we divide (setup standards) to understand. We 

can study the different parts of the human body (organs, genes, 

elements from the Earth) and not see the humanity. Let's take a 

different mental reference frame; Earth. We divide the Earth into 

reference frames by setting up standards. One of those standards is 

the individual human. We study ourselves. Let's not divide the 
Earth, but look at it as a unit; a whole. Let's study Earth as we would study ourselves.

Earth matured just as we are supposed to do. It was barren, then life 

and primitive consciousness. As time passed stronger 

consciousnesses developed up to the human consciousness. Maybe 

consciousness will go beyond where we are today.

Astrophysicists tell us that just as humans have accidents, Earth has accidents. When a meteoroid survives the Earth's atmosphere and strikes the solid part of Earth thus becoming a meteorite, the Earth has had an accident. It leaves an impression in rock, dirt or whatever it hits, just as some human accidents can leave a scar.

Again, astrophysicists tell us that Earth had an accident that would be similar to a human losing a foot, hand or the equivalent. It happened when a large material object, possibly another planet, hit Earth and a huge section split off and became the moon.

If Earth can have accidents like humans, can it get sick like humans? If we setup the standards of friendly to life and unfriendly to life for Earth sores, then the arctic, antarctic and all the other deserts probably would be comparable to human sores. Even though life is there, it is limited. Possibly the depths of the oceans and other areas would fit such a set of parameters.

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