Monday, August 25, 2014

Thoughts 24

Thoughts 24

There may be more theories of gravity but I am aware of only two. One is from Isaac Newton where all bodies (mass) attract one another. In Thoughts 22, I talked about the galaxy clusters revolving around there center of mass. Our solar system revolves around a star that is its center of mass. The moon revolves around Earth. The gravity of all the objects within our solar system have an affect on each other the same as the galaxies in a clusters affect each other. The second is from Albert Einstein where mass warps the fabric of space/time. Both are correct. Remember, we are trying to understand by setting up standards because of our limited intellect, so even though they are different they are legitimate. This brings us back again to the idea that everything is connected, at least on a large (solar, galactic, cosmic) scale.

If I remember correctly, I spoke of the four forces of nature in an earlier post; gravity, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and electromagnetism. At one time electromagnetism was considered two separate forces. The strong and weak nuclear forces are what holds the different subatomic particles together. Among other things, electromagnetism is what bonds atoms together to make molecules.

Everything is connected, gravity for the macrocosm and the other three forces for the microcosm. What about human size? Dr. Carl Jung spoke of a “collective unconscious.” Being gregarious a collective consciousness makes sense to me. We tend to band together in like minded groups. My father told me that the people I am associated with will have an effect on me. With time (I like time better than old age) I have found that to be true for me and the people I have had the privilege to observe. I want to fit in, so even if I am different, I slowly start to become like those I am around; speech, beliefs, actions, etc. A “collective consciousness” could be each group of like minded people interacting with other groups affecting this Earth in many ways. Whether or not there is a collective unconscious, I don't know. It seems to me a collective unconscious would have to have a physical connection between people. Like a thought is one thing and two (material: electro-chemical and non-material: idea). Personal experience with the deaths of loved ones shows me the possibility of such a connection.

One morning while driving to school, I heard on the radio that day was the birthday of Paul Robeson. The broadcast told of Robeson saying that different but in some ways similar music was evolving in Africa as was being written by the European masters in coinciding times. I new that the European composers sometimes started with songs from the common people. We were studying harmonics (physics) at the time and the thought of the collective unconscious with everything vibrating combined. If (a large if) all the above were true, would it be possible to study human behavior through harmonics.

My style has been rambling. I started with a different ending in mind. I am very tired. I will stop. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thoughts 23

Thoughts 23

Last week I proposed that our universe was a single unit that the human intellect had to divide into parts by setting a start and a stop, standards, to try to understand. Let's go back to Thoughts 3. Time is not linear. It is spatial, but still part of the single unit; universe. No one understands time, but it seems to have to do with movement. Remember we can drop and break something but we cannot reverse time and let it fly back together. Time has a direction.

When I was a child, 7, 8, maybe 9 years old, I would visit my grandmother Lewis in the summer. She lived on a one lane gravel road. If two cars met, they would slow down to get passed each other. Most of the time cars did not meet. There was very little traffic on the road. Early mornings a few cars would go by and late afternoon the same cars would come back by headed in the opposite direction. A car or two might come by between the going to work and returning traffic. Across the road from grandmother's was a fenced field; plowed and planted. The days were hot and dusty. Some of the time I would sit or lay down on the front porch while grandmother would be inside working. With no one else around, everything was there and then. There was nothing, just the hot, dusty, silent porch, yard, road and field. There was no yesterday, no tomorrow, no this morning or tonight. I didn't realize it as I experienced it but I was not in linear time. At thirty-eight years of age, I was changing my search for meaning and remembered those times; realizing what they truly were.

There has been speculation in cosmology about multiverses, parallel universes and all things happening now in the universe. In the dictionary the words everlasting and eternal mean basically the same thing. Saying it differently we have two words representing the same standards that we have set. If we were to associate the word everlasting with linear time and the word eternal with spatial time, could withdrawing our consciousness from linear time let us experience the eternal; possibly all things now? Could we experience the unity of our universe?

I can do it only for a few seconds at a time, but I find peace when I go into the reality I experienced a grandmother's; withdrawing from linear time. What I see, hear, smell is all there is. Everything, the whole universe and all eternity is here and now. I call it experiencing the eternal. Whatever, it helps.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Thoughts 22

Thoughts 22

We have traveled through a vast amount of the universe and looked around. Solar systems within galaxies of billions of stars. Billions of galaxies bound together into local clusters, clusters and super-clusters. The planets spinning. The stars spinning. The galaxies spinning. The clusters and super-clusters spinning. All material moving. Is the universe moving? Who knows, but our knowledge today seems to say that it is expanding.

I have trouble comprehending the vastness and diversity of our planet. When it comes to the things I have tried to describe in the last few posts I can say the words, but have to shrink the mass and space/time so my limited intellect can try to perceive.

Back to the expanding, maybe moving universe. There are many theories of multiple universes. Let's consider only ours. If the Earth can be seen as a single entity, can the universe be look on in the same way. Mass may or may not have a physical connection to space/time, but it sure seems to warp it. All of the universe that we can see is moving in relation to the mass that is in the area including sub-atomic particles. We have set up standards describing why different masses move with other masses. The standards are the forces: electro/magnetic, strong, weak, gravity and possibly dark. Maybe they are all one force and we have used standards to break it down so we might be able to understand them. I have veered away from the oneness of the universe. I postulate that everything within our universe is connected and we mentally break it apart so our limited intellect can try to understand; one undivided universe.

I knew of no pictures that would illustrate this post, so I am back to birds.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Thoughts 21

Thoughts 21

Last week we started a mental journey through the solar system, out through our galaxy and on into the local cluster of galaxies to look back at the living organism Earth. That trip took us 3.5 million years traveling at the speed of light and we did not make it to the edge of our Local Cluster. Larger than local clusters are super-clusters.

Let's go and look at some more of the universe. As we leave Local Cluster we can again look back and see that the galaxies are moving in a way that looks somewhat synchronized. All the galaxies of the local group are moving in relation to their center of mass. The mass of the galaxies have warped the fabric of space/time in such a way that they are caught in each others gravity.
Scanning to see what is in front and to the sides of us we see other larger groups of galaxies; super-clusters. Our Local Group is part of the Virgo Super-cluster, which includes the Virgo cluster.


The clusters that make up super-clusters are moving in relation to their center of mass, so I am going to project the super-cluster groups are moving in relation to each other.
To my knowledge the whole of the visible universe has not been mapped but the above and what I have read, leads me to believe all mass is probably interconnected in space/time; maybe with space/time.

Now we have covered hundreds of millions possibly a few billion light years, so I am feeling old.

Galactic Metropolis
The collection of red dots seen near the center of this image show one of several very distant galaxy clusters discovered by combining ground-based optical data from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory's Kitt Peak National Observatory with infrared data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. This galaxy cluster, named ISCS J1434.7+3519, is located about 9 billion light-years from Earth.

The large white and yellow dots in this picture are stars in our galaxy, while the rest of the smaller dots are distant galaxies. The cluster, comprised of red dots near the center, includes more than 100 massive galaxies.
Spitzer was able to capture prodigious levels of star formation occurring in the galaxies that live in this cluster.  Some of them are forming stars hundreds of times faster than our own Milky Way galaxy.
Infrared light in this image has been colored red; and visible light, blue and green.
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/KPNO/University of Missouri-Kansas City **