Monday, August 11, 2014

Thoughts 22

Thoughts 22

We have traveled through a vast amount of the universe and looked around. Solar systems within galaxies of billions of stars. Billions of galaxies bound together into local clusters, clusters and super-clusters. The planets spinning. The stars spinning. The galaxies spinning. The clusters and super-clusters spinning. All material moving. Is the universe moving? Who knows, but our knowledge today seems to say that it is expanding.

I have trouble comprehending the vastness and diversity of our planet. When it comes to the things I have tried to describe in the last few posts I can say the words, but have to shrink the mass and space/time so my limited intellect can try to perceive.

Back to the expanding, maybe moving universe. There are many theories of multiple universes. Let's consider only ours. If the Earth can be seen as a single entity, can the universe be look on in the same way. Mass may or may not have a physical connection to space/time, but it sure seems to warp it. All of the universe that we can see is moving in relation to the mass that is in the area including sub-atomic particles. We have set up standards describing why different masses move with other masses. The standards are the forces: electro/magnetic, strong, weak, gravity and possibly dark. Maybe they are all one force and we have used standards to break it down so we might be able to understand them. I have veered away from the oneness of the universe. I postulate that everything within our universe is connected and we mentally break it apart so our limited intellect can try to understand; one undivided universe.

I knew of no pictures that would illustrate this post, so I am back to birds.

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