Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thoughts 23

Thoughts 23

Last week I proposed that our universe was a single unit that the human intellect had to divide into parts by setting a start and a stop, standards, to try to understand. Let's go back to Thoughts 3. Time is not linear. It is spatial, but still part of the single unit; universe. No one understands time, but it seems to have to do with movement. Remember we can drop and break something but we cannot reverse time and let it fly back together. Time has a direction.

When I was a child, 7, 8, maybe 9 years old, I would visit my grandmother Lewis in the summer. She lived on a one lane gravel road. If two cars met, they would slow down to get passed each other. Most of the time cars did not meet. There was very little traffic on the road. Early mornings a few cars would go by and late afternoon the same cars would come back by headed in the opposite direction. A car or two might come by between the going to work and returning traffic. Across the road from grandmother's was a fenced field; plowed and planted. The days were hot and dusty. Some of the time I would sit or lay down on the front porch while grandmother would be inside working. With no one else around, everything was there and then. There was nothing, just the hot, dusty, silent porch, yard, road and field. There was no yesterday, no tomorrow, no this morning or tonight. I didn't realize it as I experienced it but I was not in linear time. At thirty-eight years of age, I was changing my search for meaning and remembered those times; realizing what they truly were.

There has been speculation in cosmology about multiverses, parallel universes and all things happening now in the universe. In the dictionary the words everlasting and eternal mean basically the same thing. Saying it differently we have two words representing the same standards that we have set. If we were to associate the word everlasting with linear time and the word eternal with spatial time, could withdrawing our consciousness from linear time let us experience the eternal; possibly all things now? Could we experience the unity of our universe?

I can do it only for a few seconds at a time, but I find peace when I go into the reality I experienced a grandmother's; withdrawing from linear time. What I see, hear, smell is all there is. Everything, the whole universe and all eternity is here and now. I call it experiencing the eternal. Whatever, it helps.

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