Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thoughts 26

Thoughts 26

Since the last post I was reading and came upon learning concepts that I should have covered earlier. Once, twenty to twenty-five years ago I encountered the theory of implicit and explicit learning. They did not interest me at the time and no thought of them had entered my mind until this past week.

As I understand it (remember that I am not an expert in anything), explicit learning is when we consciously learn. It is there for us and we try, study, observe or whatever it takes for us to grasp.

An example of implicit learning would be when we consciously learn something and at the same time absorb knowledge unconsciously. Implicit learning is typically defined as the acquisition of knowledge that is independent of conscious attempts to learn, and in the absence of explicit awareness of the knowledge that is acquired.* Implicit learning is accepted in locations of academia and thought to be unproven in others.

I haven't been able to give substantial thought to the idea of implicit and explicit learning in one week, but explicit learning definitely comes under the what is fact for me; forced duality for the human intellect to comprehend. It seems reasonable that implicit learning is also from standards we have previously learned. I will give it more thought.

In observing my family and myself plus others, we definitely learn from our parents very basic approaches to life areas by their actions and not their words. Some are so deep and ingrained that if no event happens in our life to stimulate a look at that part of ourselves, we pass it on for generations.

What I described in the previous paragraph could be implicit learning, but to become aware of those traits, dualities have to be setup in our minds to comprehend them. In other words a new set of parameters has to be forged. The parameters for understanding could already be setup in our unconscious through the implicit learning. The event that brings the trait into our consciousness would test those standards (parameters).

The stranger or person who is different from us can be a great asset because they can test the standards we have setup to function in life. In my opinion, it takes a brave person to take an open-minded look and not just automatically reject the new parameters. As I said earlier, “It can be scary to have the framework that we use to function in life challenged or worse taken away.” It seems that most people are like me. Without a thought reject the different, because it is safer. The problem is that if and when I do that, I reject the person or persons that challenge me also.

Part of the reason that I would dismiss the new standards is that if I adopt them, I may not be accepted in the social group I am a part of.

This week I opened a door and left a large area unexplored. Again, I am tired so I will end this post.


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