Saturday, August 15, 2015

Written in June, 1999 in remembrance of my father; 
Maxie P. Lambert

In the Sunlight of your Spirit

Hello, it's time to say goodbye.

Still and distant strength,
You were there.

 Calm and gentle,
With a loving soul always,
You were there.

You were there.

As I veered from the proven path,
With pain and dismay you were there.

When I had enough,
You were there with open arms.

Fruit of your loins,
Here I stand,
In the sunlight of your spirit,
To testify of your humble grace.

By: Kent Lambert


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. Thank you for sharing with the world. ������

  2. I am enjoying reading these. I well remember the faces of both of your parents, such sweet people. I still remember your parents' house always smelled clean and fresh, like a florist's shop:)